129 Barville

ICO was hired to evaluate and to market their 199-acre tract just outside Waco in Calvert, Texas. Their property was situated on the outer edge of the path of growth and not in a popular recreational land area.

ICO established legitimate comps and marketed the property locally and nationally.

ICO focused on targeting the recreational ranch market within the greater Houston area.

We evaluated the market opportunity, pricing and determined the tract's highest and best use was going to be a private, personal investment.  Our development analysis includes checking: pipelines, oil wells, floodplains, wetlands, thoroughfare maps, drainage outfall, detention requirements, easements, power, utilities, water, sanitary sewer, zoning, deed restrictions, planning and zoning, topographic, soil makeup and other items.  Then we created a custom marketing strategy to compliment this approach and blitz the target market.

ICO successfully sold the property to an adjacent landowner within 6 months of going to market.  

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