Country Club Plaza

ICO Commercial identified and negotiated the purchase of Country Club Plaza and then was engaged for Project Leasing services. The previous owner had not operated the center well and there were many unhappy tenants,  deferred maintenance and tenants behind on rent. 

ICO Commercial began to change the image and reputation of the property in the eyes of the market. After meetings with every tenant, the leasing team helped to understand the concerns of the tenants and then factor them into the future plans for the project. Many of the tenants wanted to see improvement in the building exterior, landscaping, lighting and parking lot. ICO Commercial brought in the property management team to work along side the leasing team to completely refresh this property and restore the hope of the long-time tenants.

The vacancy rate has decreased by over 15%, delinquent tenants have been backfilled by new tenants and the long-standing tenants are happy to renew and extend their leases. The client has increased their return and is evaluating a potential sale. 

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