Pleak Road

Pleak Road was an unusual land tract property. It was undeveloped, hidden and surrounded by dirt roads and dead-end streets. It was not even accessible except on one dead end street. It was purchased in the anticipation that the Buyer would someday build a credit union to service the surrounding new housing. It was literally a property that was before its time. The buyer had planned to build the credit union many years down the road as the surrounding area matured to need an entity such as this. The owner truly felt that he had the luxury of time to wait for the area to mature. Unfortunately, the State Board of Examiners would not allow more than six months to go by until construction must be started, and the credit union was not ready.

ICO Commercial was told to sell the land as soon as possible so that there would not be any conflict with the State. Since we had both a time and visibility problem with the Pleak Road tract, a "For Sale" sign was not of much use, so our marketing campaign focused primarily on email blasts with emphasis on price and timing.

This strategy worked and within a month we had a contract for a municipal fire station. The municipality could wait for the infrastructure to be implemented and did not need any visibility. The credit union was able to discharge its building requirement and was able to maintain its good standing with the State.

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