7.6 Acres
Rosenberg Business Park 

Rosenberg Business Park had just been developed and was a very new to the market.  In addition, the construction of Highway 59 from Highway 99 to Rosenberg was only about 40% complete and driving on it during this construction phase was hazardous.  My client wanted about 10 acres of land to build a  manufacturing building for his supplement business and initially wanted to be near Highway 99 and Highway 59.

Even though Rosenberg Business Park was further away from his desired location and accessing during Highway 59 was difficult, I was able to advise him that this location had great access for his trucks, and the land price was relatively cheap for the condition of the Park once the highway construction was completed declined, this land would be suitable for his business and become more valuable.

After considering the long-term advantages of the Park, my client bought not only enough land for his building but also an extra 9 acres for either expansion or later sale. 

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